College Apologetics: Proof of the Truth of the Catholic Faith

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Author: Fr. Anthony Alexander

What is the truth? More than any other subject, apologetics – on behalf of the one, true Faith – gets to the heart of that matter. While other academic subjects are abstract, apologetics gets down to the reality that truth asserts a normative exigence on the one who apprehends it: it is incumbent upon recognizing the truth of the Faith of Christ to accept it and adhere to it. That is why it is so important for Catholics to gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of their Faith and how to defend it.

Originally published in 1954, College Apologetics: Proof of the Truth of the Catholic Faith provides just that needed understanding, a fact that has made it a mainstay for high-level apologetic instruction for decades. Written for the college student, this text covers all aspects of the Faith and its defense in a classical, logical, and coherent fashion. Author Fr. Anthony Alexander lays out the Church's argumentation in clear, concise, and precise language for handy mastery by all serious students of the truth. Included are airtight arguments for:

  • God's existence
  • the soul's immortality
  • religion's necessity
  • the Gospels' reliability
  • the Church's nature
  • and far more…

Equip yourself to demonstrate in logical and irrefutable terms the genius of the Catholic Faith. There is an answer to "What is the truth?"; College Apologetics lays it out in clear terms.

  • Author: Fr. Anthony Alexander
  • Pages: 270
  • Publication Date: 1/1/1954
  • Product Format: Paperbound
  • Height: 8.50
  • Width: 5.50