The Meaning and Mystery of Man: The Role and Responsibility of the Christian Man: A Biblical Study of Adam, St. Joseph and Jesus Christ

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Author: Devin Schadt

The Meaning and Mystery of Man equips men with a much-needed, uncompromising, profound, scriptural, and theological vision of what it really means to be a man. A deep dive, yet accessible, The Meaning and Mystery of Man builds a very strong case for headship, patriarchy, and the essential role and responsibility of the Christian man. Consider this an apologetics book for fatherhood, masculinity, and spiritual leadership.


  • Why St. Joseph and his vocation as father and husband is key to building a true vision of man
  • How man’s responsibility and role is unique from woman's and why
  • The essential role of a husband and father
  • An uncompromising vision of a husband’s headship
  • A biblical defense of patriarchal authority
  • St. Joseph as a “new Adam” provides the essential link between the original Adam and the new Adam, Jesus Christ
  • That the man is commissioned by God to bring to completeness marriage and the family

“The Meaning and Mystery of Man is an important book. At once accessible and profound, it leaves trite cliches behind, and with depth and insight, it explores the deeper dimension of the masculine identity. It is a rich and even poetic contribution to the growing conversation around the role of Men in society and in the Church.”
– Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman

"This is a necessary book. Fatherhood is best understood through the Catholic tradition, and the typological links that Devin makes between Adam, St. Joseph, and Jesus to illustrate this truth are genius. It can be read as a single comprehensive work and can also be read in a meditative fashion for spiritual reading. One takeaway relevant to all men: fatherhood in our day is an act of redemption, an act of heroism, which is necessary for the renewal of the Church."
– Kennedy Hall, author of Terror of Demons

  • Publication Date: 9/14/21
  • Author: Devin Schadt
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  • Pages: 272
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